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Our professional team has the tools to conduct independent, objective and timely reviews, in accordance with international standards, allowing our clients to conduct better business, reduce risks and have better results and timely responses to their challenges.


MSC's audit services are aimed at various economic sectors: retail, manufacturing, services, projects financed by multinational development institutions, tourism, government organizations and non-profit organizations. Among our audits offered:  


-Financial audit

-Operation audit

-Tax audit

-Internal audit

-Compliance with anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws audit.

-Other audits and special reviews


We provide specialized consulting services to offer effective solutions to our clients in different aspects of their business.


Among our services offered:


- Application of accounting standards and principles.

- Identification of the risks that may affect the fulfillment of the company's objectives.

- Corporate finance, financial analysis, budgets, strategic plans

- Preliminary investigation of investment commitments and valuations of companies and properties.

- Advice regarding compliance with applicable tax obligations

- Advice on employment contracts

- Feasibility and market study

- Management and advice on inventory management

- Strategic business planning

- Design, development and implementation of administrative systems

- Financial restructuring

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


In MSC we carry out all the steps to fulfill the formal duties of taxpayers, regardless of their periodicity. We take care of the preparation and review of Tax Returns, as well as the data submission formats.


We assist our clients in studies, analysis and design of tax projections, sales and merger strategies, due diligence, exemption agreements and tax implications of facts.


We complement these services with legal advice for transformations, adjustments and other special operations. In the same order, we carry out all the legal procedures related to the constitution of companies, updates of records, preparation of resources and defense before the Courts, employment contracts, collection procedures, commissioner of accounts and other matters.


We provide the outsourcing service of all accounting, financial and labor aspects, allowing our clients to focus on the growth of their businesses to achieve all their goals.


Our main outsourcing areas are:


-Management of administrative processes

-Recruitment services in the area of ​​finance

-Payroll and social security

-Processing accounting information according to current regulations

-General accounting supervision

-Design, planning and implementation of accounting systems -Debugging accounts

-Preparation of Financial Statements -Preparation of economic and financial reports.

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