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MADERA SORIANO CONSULTORES is an audit and management consulting firm, founded in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on July 27, 1974, by the Lics. Freddy Antonio Madera García (deceased), Cesar Augusto Cordero Arias (deceased) and Luz del Carmen Soriano de Madera, originally under the name of Cordero Madera & Asociados. Originally registered at the Institute of Authorized Public Accountants of the Dominican Republic, ICPARD, under number 21. The firm was registered under a new legal framework to continue the services provided under the new number 653.


Since its inception, it is registered in the Institute of Authorized Public Accountants of the Dominican Republic, an agency that governs accounting in the country, where it maintains an active participation, collaborating and supporting the different actions of the institution. Our founding partner twice served as chairman of the ICPARD board.


In 2002, MADERA SORIANO CONSULTORES joined what is now PrimeGlobal, an international association of accountants and consultants firms that over the years has been merging and undergoing transformations, and is currently comprised of more than 350 firms of accountants and consultants in 90 countries, with great representation in Europe, North America and Latin America. Ranked as the fourth accounting association in the world with around 2,200 members, a staff of 17,500 employees in more than 800 offices.


With this affiliation, MADERA SORIANO CONSULTORES has the support and experience of various firms around the world, with different areas of specialization, which allows us to continue providing our customers with a quality service.


We offer a full range of professional services, including external financial audit, internal audit, special audit, analysis procedures for mergers and acquisitions (due diligence), development of accounting and control systems, outsourcing of accounting and payroll services, systems of costs, debugging of specific accounts such as accounts receivable, inventories, fixed assets, loan analysis, accounts payable, among others.


We have made temporary strategic alliances with other firms and professionals both in the financial area and specialized in complementary services to ours, in order to meet the requirements of quality and opportunity for special commitments, such as state audits, organization of cost systems and valuations of companies and assets.

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